is the initial step prior to create a product tailor-made

The extensive knowledge of raw materials and the availability of the best instrumentation allow the company to obtain the best quality results but it’s also due to careful consideration of the Customer’s specific requirements satisfied by Citrusmade with exclusive and tailor- made products.
The consultation stage is crucial to have a clear and thoroughly understanding Customer’s demand and be able to provide the best offer in terms of quality and authenticity .

The aim is to provide companies with a tailor-made product capable of giving added value to their productions.

Chemical analysis

Citrusmade offers its customers and partners a service of chemical analysis and evaluation of products in order to support them in choosing the best quality. For the analysis of essential oils and aromas the following analyses are performed:Refractive index; optical rotation; specific gravity, UV test (CD value), carotenoids, L-A-B colour, gas-chromatographic profile, chiral GC profile, GC-mass profile.

For the analysis of juices and compund the following analyses are performed: Brix , Brix, corrected for Acidity, acidity, Formol index, SPT color, L-A-B color, turbidity, transmittance, pulp, stability, isocitric acid, ascorbic acid, lactic acid, sulfur dioxide, sucrose, glucose, fructose, anthocyanin profile, flavonoids, flavone polyethoxys.

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