Sustainable production:
limiting waste to adopt an approach environmentally-friendly

In line with the target set by the Agenda 2030 where Companies are encouraged to interact respectfully with the environment , Citrusmade is committed to implement sustainable models of production through actions leading to the safeguard of the territory.

he Company works also to reduce the amount of waste by recycling the production waste and diversifying the energy supply through the installation of photovoltaic panels.

Citrusmade encourages and supports the local farmers during the conversion from conventional to organic cultivation in order to achieve a higher quality of the harvest and sustainability of the territory.

The measures that Citrusmade implements are:
•Supporting farmers to increase the harvest and during the conversion to organic cultivation farming
• installation of photovoltaic panels which can supply 35% of energy consumption
• treatment of industrial water by a purifier and activated sludge
• the use of organic sludge in the production of compost
• the use of low-emission steam generators
•the disposal of production waste in the food processing , pet food industry and in the production of pellet.

Essencial oils

525 tons

Organic production

Juices and compound

7.500 tons

Organic productions

Certificated quality

The Company uses National and International Certificates to ensure compliance with quality and safety standards in production and trading essential oils , juices and fruit compounds.


The organic certification guarantees the legal conformity of its products with at least 95% of organic ingredients and 100% Italian raw materials in accordance with the European Community provisions.


In support of organic and environmentally sustainable productions , Ecogruppo Italia is committed to conduct conformity checks certifying the company which operates to the standards. Citrusmade intends to speak for a greater responsibility towards the environment promoting sustainability actions starting from the production to the delivery stage.


FDA – Food and Drug Administration is a federal agency of the United States that regulates the food, pharmaceutical and organic productions ,as well as the import and export of these categories of products. This certification is essential to distribute products in the United States of America.


The International Food Standard is a system of supervision and certification in accordance with quality and safety standards in food processing . IFS Food is specifically responsible to ensure the standard conditions that every company has to respect for food processing and handling.


This International body ( International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma trade ) was created with the intent to sustain and protect the essential oils and Aroma industry and all relevant business and occupations concerned. It encourages the sustainable and responsible use of essential oils and natural extract and promotes the research and development of new aromatics specialties through the connection with industry associations.


The Halal certification certifies that the agri-food chain products comply with the ethical and hygienic health standards of the law and the doctrine of Islam. Citrusmade uses this certification to export to the all Islamic countries.


The Kosher certification serves to certify that the products of the supply chains comply with the dietary rules prescribed by the Bible. Thanks to this certification Citrusmade covers the entire consumer market.