Experience and experimentation lead Citrusmade to the creation of exclusive products

Intuition and deep knowledge of the territory encounter in the production of essential oils , juices and fruit compounds with esteemed organoleptic properties.
The accurate analysis of raw materials allows to create products focused on quality according to the customer’s specific requests and needs. Orange, blood orange , mandarin , lemon, bergamot , grapefruit and Clementine : selected citrus fruits from organic farming at 0 km. Citrusmade goal is to create exclusive and tailor-made products.
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Certified Quality

The Company uses National and International Certificates to ensure compliance with quality and safety standards in production and trading essential oils , juices and fruit compounds.

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A commitment to support local sustainability

The Company is committed to encourage and support local farmers during the conversion from conventional to organic cultivation in order to achieve a higher quality of the harvest and sustainability of the territory.

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