The extraction:
the origin of
an essence

The Company utilises the latest machinery and equipment : Pelatrice , Brown , FMC and Polycitrus are the particular extraction techniques in producing essential oils with specific requirements , juices , fruit compounds which meet different needs of the customers.

The extraction process is divided into several stages first of all the washing of the fruit which is then inserted into the machine chosen for processing . This stage is followed by the extraction of the essential oils on the citrus fruit peel and the extraction of the juice in the endocarp.

Mediterranean citrus fruits

The citrus crop

Citrusmade gives fundamental importance to the respect for Nature : following the seasonality of the raw materials means keeping the preciousness and exceptional nature of perfumes and great tastes , pure and real.

Consistency : from variable raw material to quality product

The citrus fruit carefully selected from farming in Sicily and Calabria are the raw material used in all Citrusmade production . Fruit is a volatile product and its organoleptic features according to weather condition or depending on the growing area. Citrusmade is able to ensure stability to the final product using the best equipment on the Market.


The Sicilian citrus fruit properties are unique in the world

Citrusmade supports research and development of new citrus specialities , it works with manufacturers to guarantee the traceability of the raw material for the purpose of fostering growth in production of Sicilian citrus fruits. The unique organoleptic characteristics represent the added value of Mediterranean Citrus.


The Company has advance equipment for fruit processing

Pelatrice, Brown , FMC and Polycitrus are the technologies used to extract essential oils and fruit juices. Choosing which system to use depends by the intended use of the extracted product that may need a different level of refinement.


Understanding the Customer ’s requirement to create an exclusive bouquet

In creating an essence , the most important stage is represented by the synergy with the Customer to clearly define the olfactory and chemical – physical features of the requested product. Citrusmade creates tailor – made products while protecting the environment limiting wastage and recycling the production waste

Certified Quality

The Company uses National and International Certificates to ensure compliance with quality and safety standards in production and trading essential oils , juices and fruit compounds.

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