Orange Valencia, history and curiosity about the most widespread variety in the world

The Valencia orange is one of the most popular citrus varieties in the world, its sweet taste and juicy pulp has the characteristic of being seedless.
The orange Valencia has a spherical shape and a medium thick skin of a beautiful orange color, the flesh is light yellow for this reason this species falls into the blond oranges.
Despite the name of the orange Valencia that suggests a origin linked to the Spanish city, this cultivar is very present among the typical Sicilian citrus fruits and its cultivation is widespread also in South America and California.

The main features of the Valencia orange

The Valencia variety is among the blond pulp oranges the most appreciated by consumers thanks to some features: the taste of the Valencia orange is very sugary and pleasant to the palate, In addition, the high content of vitamin C and antioxidants make it a valuable ally to enhance the immune system. The ripening period of Valencia oranges in Sicily takes place between March and April, Depending on the season, it can be prolonged so as to arrive at the gates of the summer season, moreover the extremely juicy pulp is kept for a long time in excellent condition kept cool.

Types of Sicilian citrus with blonde pulp: oranges Valencia and not only

What are the citrus fruits of Sicily? And which of these fall within the characteristic of owning a blonde pulp?
The Sicilian agricultural production boasts several types of citrus fruits including blond oranges in the varieties Valencia, Navel, Washington Navel, Newhall and Belladonna.
Among the production of organic Sicilian citrus whose Citrusmade draws for the production of essential oils, juices and fruit compounds of high quality, There are also organic Valencia oranges obtained thanks to the support of farmers in the conversion from conventional to organic farming in order to obtain a higher quality of harvest and sustainability of the territory.

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