IFeat Vancouver 2022: the meeting between the protagonists of the essential oils and aromas sector

The congress organized by IFeat – International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades – from 9 to 13 October in Vancouver was an opportunity for meeting and exchange between the angencies involved in the production and processing of raw materials as well as the commerce of aromes,essential oils and fragrances at internation level.

This annual event is also business contact opportunities and updates on the latest news about the sector. The most important focus of the meeting of this year is the sustainability as an added value dto take into account in all production, processing and marketing processes.

IFeat is the international association for companies in the aroma and fragrance sector

The International Federation for the Trade in Essential Oils and Aromas came to life in 1977 from the need to coordinate and protect the categories operating around the sector of aromas and fragrances dealing withrapresent at an international level the interests of businesses involved. Now the agencies’s numbers that who have joined asmembers are more over 670 from about 70 country around the world.

Among the IFeat’s objectives are the international collaboration between members and other releated organizations to the sector, the financy of research projects and education, the dissemination of ethical values that support a better business approach and the creation of an annual meeting calendar.

Citrusmade at the annual IFeat congress in Vancouver: confirmations and new contacts

The event organized this October by IFeat in Vancouver rapresented a pleasant return to normality after two years of blockade due to pandemic. The international conference was a cause, also for Citrusmade, ofmeeting with already acquired customers and comparison on technical-commercial issues as well as opportunity to get in touch with new customers coming from Medium Oriental area , area of great interest for the farm thanks to constant growth in business relations.