Extraction technologies with cutting-edge tools: the origins of an essence

Since its inception, Citrusmade has established itself with competence and skill in the world market, establishing itself as a solid point of reference in the production of essential oils, juices and fruit compounds of high quality.
Equipped with modern instrumentation and a specialized team with over twenty years of experience in the field combined with a laboratory equipped with chromatographs and mass spectrometers of the latest generation, Citrusmade manages to reproduce a simple commodity or create an exclusive bouquet and tailormade.

The citrus processing process: extraction

The citrus processing process consists of several phases: the first step involves washing the fruits that are then introduced into the machinery chosen for the extraction.
The essential oils are then extracted from the rind and the juice from the fruit pulp.
The processing waste will then be destined to the foodpet and pellet market.

State-of-the-art equipment in fruit processing

Peeler, Polycitrus, Brown and FMC are the technologies used to extract essential oils and juices from fruit.
The choice of the system to be used depends on the intended use of the extracted product that may require a different degree of refinement.
The Peeler system uses a rather aggressive extraction method from which a more fatty essential oil is obtained due to the presence of parts of albedo. This characteristic makes it less refined but excellent for the pastry industry where the products undergo a transformation through heat.
This technique makes the oil more resistant to high temperatures.

Considered the fastest and most powerful extractor on the market, Polycitrus is able to satisfy even the most intense productions allowing to extract essential oil and juice avoiding contamination. This allows you to achieve high quality for both products.

The Brown extractors are based on a different principle: the fruit is carried on a large belt whose rollers are covered with tiny needles that, by soliciting the skins by puncture, allow the release of essential oils. These are then harvested in purity allowing you to obtain a high quality essential oil. Moreover, being able to preserve the integrity of the fruit, this technique allows to exploit the citrus for the juice pressing.

The FMC technology is the most used in the world especially in the area of South America, Italy and Spain.
The advantage of this system is to be able to extract the essential oil and the juice at the same time reaching an excellent quality of the product obtained thanks to the fact that the rind never comes into contact with the juice.

The consulting phase is essential to understand clearly and carefully the customer’s request and to be able to offer the best proposal that can create added value to the company’s production.

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