Contract essential oil production in Italy and abroad

Do you have a company in the perfumery and cosmetics sector? Are you looking for a business partner to produce an essential oil for perfumes with excellent organoleptic properties?

Citrusmade selects the best citrus fruits from the Mediterranean and transforms them into essential oils with state-of-the-art technology thanks to a team of citrus experts with the utmost respect for international production and safety standards.

This allows us to reproduce a simple commodity or make a fine aromatic bouquet for companies in the fragrance and cosmetics industry.

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The Mediterranean and citrus varieties

Sicilian citrus fruits have unique organoleptic characteristics. Citrusmade uses this precious heritage of biodiversity to produce essential oils on a contract basis for national and international companies.

Citrusmade is manufacturer of high quality essential oils in Sicily

The deep knowledge of raw materials and the availability of the best instruments allows us to obtain excellent quality results but it is through the careful study of the specific needs of the customer that we can satisfy the demand for exclusive products and bespoke. Citrusmade offers its partners a service of chemical analysis and evaluation of products in order to support them in choosing the best quality.

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