Citrusmade towards a more sustainable future: the company’s commitment for 2023

Citrusmade for this 2023 intends to pursue new business objectives in accordance with the commitment of the 2030 Agenda. The company has already implemented responsible behavior to reduce waste and adopt an environmentally friendly approach.
For the new year, Citrusmade aims to increase its commitment to sustainability, strengthening environmental ethics and social responsibility.
In anticipation for the current year also several activities in support of the territory to encourage the link between young people, sport and nature.

Ecovadis bronze medal certifies Citrusmade’s focus on sustainability

2023 began with several awards for the company, in March Citrusmade achieved the Bronze Ecovadis medal that certifies the company’s performance on 4 key issues defining the company’s commitment to the environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable purchasing.
It is a fundamental recognition that has global value and helps to position Citrusmade increasingly high among international companies specialized in processing citrus and in the production of essential oils.
Policies on environmental sustainability are increasingly in demand within the market, defining the value of companies. Thanks to an international recognition, such as that of Ecovadis, Citrusmade is reconfirmed as a strategic player of value for customers, who are increasingly seeking reliability and transparency from their business partners.

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