Citrusmade for the environment: WWF’s Earth Hour

Earth Hour is an event promoted by WWF to safeguard the Planet.

Earth Hour is a borderless event that brings people from all over the planet together to tackle the climate challenge and commit to a future of well-being for all. In a time full of difficulties and uncertainties, a great global action capable of uniting everyone in a single request is itself a message of peace and solidarity: because only together can we make our voice heard and demand a safer, fairer, and more sustainable future for all.

This is WWF’s invitation to change our future and safeguard the Planet.

Citrusmade for the environment

In line with Goal 12 set by Agenda 2030, which promotes a respectful approach to the environment by encouraging businesses to engage in responsible corporate management, Citrusmade is committed to implementing sustainable production models through actions to protect the environment.

The company also works to reduce waste volume by recovering production scraps and diversifying energy sourcing through the installation of a photovoltaic system.