Citrusmade flies to India for World Aroma Ingredients Congress & Expo 2024

Traveling to know new cultures and new people, to have new stimuli, to broaden the baggage of knowledge and improve more and more to offer a complete and qualified service. This is why we took a plane to fly from Sicily to the other side of the world. Precisely in Chennai, India, for the World Aroma Ingredients Congress & Expo 2024 organized by the Indian Association of Essential Oils – EOAI – Essential Oil Association of India – which since 1956 has brought together scientists, researchers, industrialists, traders, producers, exporters, importers and farmers in the field of essential oils.

“Face to Face with the World”

And so, here we are, exploring, learning, and engaging with the major players in the industry. We are placing a lot of emphasis on the Indian market, a market that is continuously expanding, and we are grateful to our distributor, Fine Fragrances, for supporting us during our first trade show in India. We had the opportunity to present Citrusmade to the Indian market, meeting over 200 different companies from around the world, especially from Asia, exchanging information, and showcasing our products.

The Asian market among the targets for 2024

Participating in this event allowed us to further broaden our understanding of the Indian and Asian markets in general and their potential, giving us further confirmation that investing (also) in this region is the right choice for Citrusmade’s future.