About Us

Sicily is a marvelous enchanting Island with unique fruits  like the famous blood oranges, Mandarins and bergamots,  growing on this island and on the Calabrian coast. 

This fruits offers incomparable essential oils, well-recognized and appreciated all over the world.

Last but not least, the well-known and appreciated Sicilian Lemons, which are part of the tradition and hystory of the Island.

Led by this awareness and by the love for his Country, Dr Filippo Badalamenti decided to start  his own  business  founding CITRUSMADE s.r.l. , after more than 25 years of career and experience in Citrus industries as Industrial main Chemist, Technical Engineer and Head Manager of the quality department.

Dr Badalamenti is a Fellow Member of British Society of Flavourists and also joined the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in France, that upgraded his knowledge and international experience in Citrus Essential Oils, becoming a well known and appreciated expert.

CITRUSMADE is now more than a trading company for essential oils and aromas; it will have its own production very soon!

Today CitrusMade is already a solid reality on the italian market for the essential oils and has recently completed many strategic alliances and cooperation with big partners worldwide. 

Thank to these important connections, it is able to offer the complete spectrum of Italian citrus essential oils, with many other “non-Citrus” essential oils and taylormade aromas.

This is why CitrusMade can be: Your New Essential Choice!

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